Planned preventative maintenance services

Planned preventative maintenance services (PPM) aim to prevent the breakdown or failure of equipment before it actually occurs.

Planned preventative maintenance services (often in conjunction with predictive maintenance) hold the key. Schools, local authorities, NHS trusts and companies across the South East of England already rely on us to offer this service, which runs in tangent with our fast-response reactive maintenance service.

Take the worry out of plant and equipment maintenance

When a business has plant and equipment that requires regular maintenance, the business normally decides on a maintenance philosophy that will best suit the business’ needs or preferences. With planned preventative maintenance, all maintenance is planned in advance; this means the business will be aware of when they will be having work undertaken. At Bates Facilities Maintenance and Construction we partner with our client to take away the burden of planning and booking maintenance visits. We make sure all your plant is fully serviced and your business is compliant with legislation around M&E, HVAC and other related property requirements.

Want your business to operate at peak performance every day?

We understand that every business is different and therefore has individual maintenance requirements. We take the time to understand your organisation and its maintenance needs.

Our planned preventative maintenance service offers::
• A thorough understanding of your individual requirements
• Drawing up a preventative maintenance schedule that is tailored to your needs
• Reliable, expert service offering delivery of planned maintenance
• Equipment checks
• Replacement of worn parts
• General overhauls
• Specialist servicing

Bates PS offer a planned preventative maintenance (PPM) program that aims to prevent the breakdown or failure of equipment before it actually occurs. This provides uninterrupted operation of your building and can increase the lifespan of your plant and equipment.

Prevention is always better than cure, so don’t wait until something goes wrong to consider a maintenance plan. Over the life cycle of your building, a planned preventative maintenance program should result in significant cost savings for you.

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